About Us

The 9th SDYC will be held this year from 17th – 19th August at the NUS High School of Math and Science. Organised by NUS High School, SDYC is a thematic Model United Nations (MUN) conference that aims to raise awareness of social, economic, political and environmental issues revolving around the central theme of sustainable development, in both local and global contexts amongst youths. Over the course of three days, your students will assume the role of delegates representing stakeholders at the United Nations where they will raise their concerns, share their insights, and propose solutions to real-world issues.

SDYC aims to inspire youth to make a change in resolving pertinent issues regarding sustainable development through diplomacy and debate, which culminate in the formation of creative solutions. We aim for delegates to leave the conference with a greater awareness towards global affairs, empowering them to be the leaders of the future.

In this year’s iteration of SDYC, we will bring to you exciting and meaningful discussion on a wide scope of topics ranging from the issue of cryptocurrencies, militarisation of the arctic region to a joint roundtable on the future of oil.

SDYC also features a Mass activity for delegates. This activity gives delegates an opportunity to experience the complexity of balancing sustainability with progress and competition by roleplaying as different countries. You can look forward to a fast paced, action packed activity which will solidify bonds formed over the conference and view crisis in a new light.

The conference would not have been possible if not for our very capable Organising Team. From our highly skilled and hospitable committee chairpersons to our responsive and friendly liaison team within the integrate operations committee, they will ensure your experience in SDYC will be enjoyable and fruitful. During committee sessions, delegates can looks forward to heated debates on key issues as well as lobbying and networking with fellow delegates. Delegates are also welcomed to relax and unwind with a Dinner and Dance event which is packed with exciting games and performances, a night surely not to be missed.

With the chaos and turbulence taking the world by storm today, it is ever more important that we bring up conversation and discussion on long-term sustainability in order to build a brighter and more peaceful world – a world not just for ourselves, but for the future generation too. We hope that you will take this first step and join in the conversation, and we look forward to seeing you at the Convention.